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Screenshosts of Ayuouyo
  • Ayu Puyo (Puyo Question Chain Application)
  • Ayu Puyo (Puyo Question Chain Application)
  • Ayu Puyo (Puyo Question Chain Application)
  • Ayu Puyo (Puyo Question Chain Application)
  • Ayu Puyo (Puyo Question Chain Application)
  • Ayu Puyo (Puyo Question Chain Application)
  • Ayu Puyo (Puyo Question Chain Application)
Description of あゆぷよ(ぷよクエ連鎖アプリ)

* For Android 6.0 and above,
enable various permissions from Device settings> Apps> Ayupuyo> Permissions .

It is a chain display application.
The screenshot is monitored and the result is displayed overlay on the screen of the screen.
* Settings are required only at the first startup.

※ by Android5.0 later SS button, directly get the SS & and analysis

- content - of each option
combo number priority
 priority to those combo large number of the best
and erase the number of priority
 priority what number of erasing often best (Linked with each color button)
-Priority on the number of color types Priority
 is given to those with many color types (Linked with each color button)

-About each color button-The
 corresponding color is given priority.
 Turn off the colors that are not included in the deck

~ Setting method (first time only) ~
1) Start the quest with Poo Que and save the screenshot. (Power + Volume-Simultaneous press)
2) Start Ayupuyo and make various settings from Config.

~ Setting screen ~
・ Screenshot folder
 Specify the folder in which the screenshot is saved.
 "Search for folder" will automatically search.

 If you can't find it, or if it's wrong, use the "Select" button or
 type it in directly.

・ Analysis position
Set the analysis position information of the screenshot.
 Try automatic setting with "Analyze the latest screenshot".

 If that doesn't work, you'll need to set it manually.
 Please set by referring to the second image.
 At least it should say "OK".

~ How to use ~
1) Start Ayupuyo and press "start" to start monitoring.
2) Start Poo Que, take a screenshot of the screen during the quest, and the result will be displayed.

~ Function during SS monitoring ~
・ Clear the clear
 screen Clears
 the setting of Puyo that does not erase by tracing

 The setting mode of Puyo that does not erase by tracing is set to OFF / ON ON.
 When you tap the target Puyo, a red mark will be displayed and that Puyo will be excluded from the target.
 Press OFF to return to normal mode.

・ Settings Open the
 setting screen-

Those who do not work-We would
appreciate it if you could contact us in the comments or HP.

Version history あゆぷよ(ぷよクエ連鎖アプリ)
New in Ayuouyo 1.3.6
New in Ayuouyo 1.3.4
Temporary correspondence to Puyo Quest Ver.
New in Ayuouyo 1.3.3
2016/5/19 Ver.1.3.3 β · Fix incompatibility in Android 6.0 or later
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